How to Win Online Bingo

An all-time favorite! People from all walks of life have at some point enjoyed and played bingo. This online casino game is a particular favorite, especially in the United Kingdom. The best thing about bingo is that it asks players a lot more than the rest of the games. It is all about strategy and planning so that you come out on top. 

While at it, it is a great social game that has been able to bring together friends and family as well as the young and old. As with any game, you would want to win and increase your returns. Below are some of the tips to follow if you would like to score big when playing bingo. 

Top strategies for winning at online bingo

You should keep in mind that it is not much you can do to determine the numbers drawn. That is entirely up to the odds you face, you can perhaps pray to have them in your favor or do whatever ritual to get your way but there is no guarantee. 

Bear in mind that bingo is a game purely based on chance. Skill and strategy are neither here nor there. As a disclaimer, it is important to state that the tips listed in this article are to help you increase your chances and do not guarantee you any winnings or anything to your benefit. Yes of course skill and strategy are required but it is insignificant when we consider the bigger picture. 

Play when there are fewer players online

Generally, the jackpot will be huge as more players are playing. Always remember to do you and never follow the crowd. As well as increasing your odds of winning, the crowd also increases your odds of losing, which happens more frequently than the former. Unfortunately, bingo does not follow the same rules. 

It is not determined by the number of players and that is exactly what makes bingo unique. When you are playing bingo, you should make sure you are up against as few opponents as possible since this increases your probability of being declared a winner considerably. This is a certified tip. Play at times when there’s low traffic particularly at odd hours. 

If you are daring enough, play at 2 am on a cool Thursday, you are sure to be one of a few people playing bingo. This tip is valid if only a few people read this article otherwise you will find yourself being a mere drop in the ocean, who is playing bingo in the early hours on a weekday. 

Buy more bingo cards

Well this is pretty obvious, the more you have, the more you are likely to win, be it with lotto tickets, sport betting tickets, or whatever. You literally increase your chances of winning. As a typical strategy, buy a batch of cards; the more you own and you definitely increase your chances of winning. If a number called out is not on one card then you can sure hope to find it on another, you see the trick as well right? Inadvertently you set yourself of also having a bigger chance of completing a pattern on any of the multiple bingo cards. 

Socialize with other players

Bingo allows you to chat and interact with other players, perhaps giving you a slight edge in comparison to other games. This will not guarantee you anything but you should note that there are other numerous prizes to win aside from the main prize. Of course, you can seclude yourself if you are not feeling like interacting and solely focus on the moderator who announces prizes and competitions up for grabs. 

Granville’s bingo strategy

If we were in university, the Granville strategy would be introduced as a 101 module for bingo. It is popular among players and is the one that is mostly used. Even stock market analyst specialists use it to predict the movement of prices, that is how good and efficient it is. The Granville theory has some basic rules to it just like any theory there is. If these basics are met then you can be sure to expect a win and you should still remember that this is by no means a guarantee. 

These are the steps to follow in order to implement the strategy successfully; 

  • When playing short games, be sure to pick bingo cards with numbers between one and seventy-five. 
  • For longer games, always pick bingo cards with numbers close to 38

Reduce the Competition

Perhaps your number one strategy should be to play in bingo rooms with the least number of competitors, whether online or land-based. Why implement this? Literally, it increases your chances of winning, for example, imagine there is only you and one other competitor, which means there’s a fifty percent chance you will win. If there are two other competitors and yourself then your chances of winning stand at a third. 

The more you are, the more your chances decrease, you see the trick? Be sure to avoid crowded rooms even though these are the ones with the huge payouts, it is best to try your luck at a less crowded bingo with a low payout that you are likely to win. Look for quiet rooms that are off-peak. A limited field, weekdays, and odd hours will definitely improve your chances of getting a win. Another key strategy would be to check when most players are active and to do the direct opposite. 

Enjoy yourself

Do not put pressure on yourself; lower your expectations and go with the flow. The worst thing would be for you to end up a gambling addict. These are the top tips we have to offer, we hope you will enjoy some success when implementing them. Again I will reiterate this point in closing, do not hope for an obvious result, these tips merely increase your chances.