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For Bingo Lovers

This site is where people who love online bingo or the general bingo game which they’ve come to play, learn and exchange ideas. We are first and foremost a community, and we embrace that concept in everything we do. We want you to read our site regularly, but more importantly, we want you to participate and leave your indelible mark on it.

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Bingo Strategies

One of our main focuses here at Team Jessica is playing bingo at a very high level. Sure, this is a game of chance, but there’s a skill element as well, and there are steps that we can all take to win more often. We love bingo and often play it for charity or with no money on the line, but when there is a jackpot available, we’re in it to win it with all we’ve got.

Bingo Variants

Although we spend a lot of energy discussing 75- and 90-ball, we also provide a great deal of focus on the variants. In fact, the crazier and zanier the variant is, the more interesting it is to us. When you play bingo at places such as online bingo as often and for as long as we have, you need a way to shake it up, and these variations do just that.

Bingo Hall Reviews

Another way that our site helps you through objective reviews of the various bingo halls, casinos and other gambling establishments that are available online to play. We value honesty and fairness, and we avoid any partnerships that would interfere with our ability to give it you straight. Our reviews get right to the point and dig into the details you want to know about.

Not Just Bingo

Even though Team Jessica started as a bingo clan, our interests aren’t limited to just bingo. We also cover a wide range of online casinos and casino games. We’re particularly fond of keno, bingo machines and other lottery games, but we also play and cover slot machines, video poker machines, progressive jackpots, table games and even card games.

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The Team Jessica Experience

Once again, welcome, and we hope you choose to stick around and become an active member of our team. Our team now consists of bingo players from all around the world, and each time we add a new member, we don’t just get bigger, we get smarter and more creative too. That is what the Team Jessica experience is all about, and we want it to be your one-stop shop for all things bingo.

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